Liam Slater

We’ve all heard the old adage that ‘nice guys finish last’, but try telling that to Liam Slater. He’s often seen primarily as a good-hearted Yorkshire boy, but that fails to take into account his incredible toughness in the ring.

An agile, resilient wrestler, Slater backs down from nobody. Expect to see him fearlessly face up to the biggest and baddest figures in the WCPW locker room.

Admittedly, Liam’s inexperience could work against him, but he’s bringing along a hell of an equaliser: the hulking figure of tag partner Johnny Moss. Expect to see the two form a formidable partnership in the WCPW tag division for years to come.


status Active
finisher Diving Headbutt
height 5' 10"
weight 180lbs
hometown Keighley, England


Date Event Type Participants Duration
Exit Wounds
Singles Match
WCPW Internet Championship
Cody Rhodes(c) def Liam Slater by Pinfall 10:54

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