WCPW Tag Team Championship

The WCPW Tag Team Championship is a British professional wrestling belt which was unveiled by General Manager Adam Pacitti at Refuse To Lose. The title has no previous heritage and is so far exclusive to the WCPW promotion material. The initial title was fought in the Adam Pacitti Tag Title Tournament with the finals being Johnny Moss and Liam Slater facing The Coffeys (Joe Coffey and Mark Coffey) at Delete WCPW, with Moss and Slater winning. The current champions are The Swords of Essex (Will Ospreay and Scott Wainwright) and the longest reign is Johnny Moss and Liam Slater. Designed and crafted by Peter Ellis.

Title Info

Status Active
Est 06/10/2016

Title Reigns

Wrestler Start End Time Held
Jimmy Havoc & Primate 12/10/2017
Hanson & Raymond Rowe 03/08/2017 12/10/2017
Will Ospreay & Scotty Wainwright 12/02/2017 03/08/2017