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American Hero vs. Local Hero at Refuse To Lose


Joe Hendry has sensationally bounced back from the hurt of Joseph Conners’ betrayal at WCPW Stacked by winning the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble on this week’s episode of Loaded.

Hendry, who entered the fray at #10, outlasted fourteen other men to win the match and set up the showdown with Angle on October 6th at WCPW’s first ever iPPV Refuse To Lose.

25 -97

The fifteen-man melee was jam-packed full of world class talent, including BOLA 2016 winner Marty Scurll, highly decorated British veteran Doug Williams, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew Galloway, and former two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion EC3.

Hendry may not have the accolades to back up his talent at this stage of his career, but he undoubtedly has the heart of a champion. Joe fought like a true warrior, eliminating Primate, Williams, and finally EC3 to win the invitational, making his lifelong dream of a match against the great Kurt Angle a reality.

25 -121

The emotion running through Hendry’s veins was clear to see when the final bell rang. He almost broke down, dropping to his knees in celebration – much like Angle himself has done so many times in the past – and allowing the moment to wash over him.

It was no surprise; since his supposed friend and tag partner Joseph Conners brutally turned on him only one week earlier, Hendry had been walking around a broken man. He looked dejected, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Many questioned whether he would even be able to pick himself up and dust himself off in time for the invitational, but he proved all of his doubters wrong and then some.

25 -140

We were able to grab a few words with Hendry immediately following the match: “When people ask me who’s the greatest in ring competitor, there is only one answer: Kurt Angle. This is a match that I never thought would happen. I am going to get the opportunity to test myself against, in my opinion, the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a squared circle. This is the single greatest honor and the single greatest opportunity of my life. But make no mistake. It is my time. And I must beat the Olympic hero. I must defeat Kurt Angle.”

25 -150

Hendry, an accomplished amateur wrestler in his own right – he is hoping to represent Scotland at the next Commonwealth Games – will be in for the fight of his life against Kurt. It will be by far the biggest match of his career so far, and will be taking place on a massive stage. The already sold out Refuse To Lose is generating a huge buzz, thanks to the incredible array of stars confirmed for the event. For Hendry to be in the headline attraction is a remarkable achievement for him. One can only imagine how his ex-partner feels about Hendry upstaging and overshadowing him yet again!

25 -153

Following Refuse To Lose, Hendry could well go from Local Hero to Worldwide Hero, especially if he is able to get his hand raised. One thing is guaranteed: WCPW’s loyal fans will be behind Hendry all the way on his quest for greatness at Refuse To Lose.

25 -154

Watch the Kurt Angle Invitational here: