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Eric Bischoff Books Martin Kirby’s Next Match, This Saturday On Loaded!

Martin Kirby has clashed with Adam Pacitti numerous times in the past, but he should know better than to challenge one of the wiliest minds in the history of professional wrestling.

The obnoxious underdog – perhaps feeling a little egotistical after his stunning win against Will Opsreay – burst into a meeting between the pair, demanding a shot at the WCPW World Championship. Unfortunately for the Yorkshireman, he didn’t quite get his wish…

Instead, Bischoff decided to book him into a five-way match against four of the very best on the independent scene, including the man he defeated last time around.

Ospreay will certainly be looking for revenge, and Kirby will also be forced to deal with a who’s-who of indie talent – including recent BOLA winner Marty Scurll, ‘Brusierweight’ Pete Dunne, and New Zealand sensation Travis Banks.

Will Kirby stand tall, or will he fall victim to another member of WCPW’s talented locker room? Find out this Saturday on Loaded!

Melina Is Coming To Our Wrestle Culture Convention In Manchester!

Three-time WWE Women’s Champion Melina is set to grace our Wrestle Culture convention on October 8th, taking place at the Silver Blades Arena in Greater Manchester.

The self-proclaimed ‘Hell Cat’ must be remembered as one of the most dominant, eye-catching women in WWE history. Bursting onto the scene as manager of the egotistical MNM tag team, singles success wasn’t far off. In her five years with the company, Melina enjoyed three reigns as Women’s Champion, and captured the Divas title a further two times.

Melina rounds out a star-studded convention line-up, including titanic figures of the wrestling industry such as Bret Hart, Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Jim Cornette, and Minoru Suzuki. In addition, the convention will also be attended WCPW stars such as Joseph Conners and Joe Hendry, and the slightly less physically impressive WhatCulture YouTube personalities.

Further information is available HERE – and a ticket to our WCPW show the same day will guarantee convention access.


Bret Hart Is Set To Grace WCPW

And you thought our October shows couldn’t get any bigger!

Next month, not only will WCPW feature such titanic names as Kurt Angle, Cody Rhodes, Jim Ross and Jim Cornette – we’ll also welcome one of the most influential names in the history of the business: Bret ‘The Hitman’ Hart.

Bret, of course, needs no introduction. The Canadian is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers of all time, a superb in-ring technician, and a man at the very heart of the Monday Night Wars.

It’ll certainly be very intriguing to see how the WWE Hall of Famer involves himself in the various goings-on at WCPW. Fans will also get an opportunity to meet the man christened ‘the best there was, best there is, and best there ever will be’. Details can be found below.

Bret Hart will be appearing at Refuse To Lose on October 6 in Newcastle (tickets available HERE) and in Manchester on October 8 (tickets available HERE). Meet & greets will take place at all three October dates (October 7 tickets available HERE), and customers must also hold a WCPW show ticket to attend.

Minoru Suzuki And El Desperado Are Coming To WCPW In October

Few stables in the wrestling world are more destructive, more intense, and more downright intimidating than Suzuki-gun – and two key members are coming to WCPW in October. The NJPW-based group have wreaked havoc across several Japanese promotions, and are led by the fearsome (and experienced) Minoru Suzuki.

Suzuki will certainly be looking to leave a painful mark on the WCPW roster. Well versed in both professional wrestling and mixed martial arts, he co-founded Pancrase – one of the first MMA promotions in the world – back in 1993. He’s also a guaranteed show-stopper, appearing in two Wrestling Observer Matches of the year this decade alone.

El Desperado is a far more enigmatic figure, complimenting Suzuki’s strong-style brutality with relentless, high-paced action. He will also surely be one of the most striking figures to grace WCPW, thanks in part to his deathly, demonic mask.

Minoru Suzuki will be competing at Refuse To Lose on October 6 in Newcastle (tickets available HERE) and in Manchester on October 8 (tickets available HERE).

El Desperado will be coming in Newcastle on October 7 (tickets available HERE) and in Manchester on October 8 (tickets available HERE).