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WCPW Bulletproof Drew Galloway Joe Coffey

Bulletproof: Full Card & How To Watch

WCPW Bulletproof

The full card for WCPW Bulletproof has now been confirmed.

The Bowlers Exhibition Centre in Manchester will host Bulletproof on March 20th (last few remaining tickets available here), and the action kicks off with a free pre-show match on YouTube at approximately 6.45pm GMT. Bulletproof will then begin at 7pm GMT (3pm EST/2pm CT) live via


  • Pre-show: Prince Ameen vs. Grado
  • Rampage vs. Drake
  • Adam Cole vs. Zack Sabre Jr.
  • Travis Banks vs. Ricochet vs. Marty Scurll vs. El Ligero vs. BT Gunn vs. Doug Williams vs. Martin Kirby – Championship Showdown
  • Lana Austin vs. Viper
  • The Swords Of Essex (c) vs. Prospect vs. The Young Bucks vs. Matt Riddle & Liam Slater – WCPW Tag-Team Titles
  • Drew Galloway (c) vs. Joe Coffey – WCPW Title

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delete photo card

Delete WCPW Preview

Nottingham… you knew we’d come…

On November 30th WCPW returns to pay-per-view with an absolutely stacked line-up for Delete WCPW in Nottingham.

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-133

The stakes could not be higher for the main event, a triple threat cage match pitting WCPW Champion Joseph Conners against his two most fierce rivals. On one side of the ring is Joe Hendry, Conners’ former tag partner whom he brutally betrayed at Stacked to win the title, and cheated to defeat at True Legacy. On the other is the imposing 6’5 frame of Drew Galloway, the man whose career was almost ended by a Conners Righteous Kill a few months back. Galloway returned to WCPW this past week on Loaded and delivered the most emotionally-charged interview of the year, passionately vowing the exact revenge on Conners for what he did to him. For the despised champion, this is surely his most difficult test yet. While he has overcome great odds before against Martin Kirby, Cody Rhodes, and both of his opponents at Delete, this time there is nowhere for him to run or hide; Conners will be locked inside a steel cage with the two men who hate him the most.

Kirby vs Ospreay

When Martin Kirby defeated Will Ospreay back in July, the world stood up and took notice. For the first time, WCPW fans saw that Kirby was not just a comedic buffoon but also an incredible wrestler. He had just beaten a man fresh off win the Best of the Super Juniors. The win catapulted Kirby up the card and into a WCPW Championship match at Refuse to Lose. However, just as Kirby seemed set to win the match and the title by hitting his famous Zoidberg Elbow, GM Adam Pacitti intervened and cost him the bout. The fans turned on Pacitti – they assuredly did not “love it”. Kirby bounced back with a win over WWE-bound Big Damo at True Legacy before giving Ospreay the rematch he had long desired at Loaded #15 in London. In a shocking turn of events, Ospreay accepted help from his childhood friends the Swords of Essex, turning his back on the fans to side with Adam Pacitti as the newest member of the GM’s despicable Pacitti Club. Pacitti granted Ospreay a third bite at the Kirby cherry at Delete WCPW, making the match a 2/3 falls contest so that Ospreay can – according to Pacitti – beat Kirby twice.

Hardy vs Bully

The name Delete WCPW comes from the presence on the card of the legendary Broken Matt Hardy, a man who has been trailblazing in the industry for the past two decades. One of the men he made his name with was Bully Ray – the former Bubba Ray Dudley – with whom he contested a series of epic TLC matches in 2000 and 2001. Much has happened in their respective careers since, but neither man has forgotten the punishment and pain that they put each other through. When Matt Hardy threatened to DELETE WCPW, Adam Pacitti took that to mean delete him, and accused Hardy of cyber bullying. In response he brought in a bully of his own, and it seemed only fitting that it was the vicious Bully Ray who was tasked with defending Pacitti’s “honour” and deleting Matt Hardy. Watch this old rivalry renewed exclusively in WCPW on pay-per-view this Wednesday night.

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-49

Bret Hart’s creation of the WCPW Tag Team Titles at Refuse to Lose was a memorable moment… one since ruined by egomaniac Pacitti declaring the tournament for the belts the AP-triple-T (the Adam Pacitti Tag Title Tournament). Despite the name, the action in the eight-man tournament has been thrilling. The standouts have been the two finalists, tag division stalwarts Johnny Moss & Liam Slater, and the recently debuted pairing of the Coffey Brothers. Following their respective semi-final wins over Prospect and the Strong Style Collective on Loaded #16, the two teams went nose to nose for the first time and received a rapturous response from the London audience. The match should be a classic. Both teams are evenly matched, well-oiled, and desperate to write their names in the history books as the first ever champions.

Rhodes vs Ligero

Speaking of first ever champions, the inaugural Internet Champion El Ligero faces his stiffest test yet against the returning Cody Rhodes, a man who lit up WCPW rings back in October. Ligero has been impressive in recent weeks following his win over Travis Banks and Alberto El Patron at Refuse to Lose to win the belt, scoring victories over Pete Dunne and Marty Scurll in recent title defences. The last time WCPW fans saw Rhodes he fell to defeat against Kurt Angle at True Legacy. Victory over Ligero to capture the Internet Title would be an incredible way to bounce back from that.

Show October 08, 2016-399

Elsewhere on the card, Alberto El Patron returns to WCPW to battle an old foe. Having been unsuccessful at Refuse to Lose and True Legacy, El Patron asked management to find him a world class opponent so he could prove himself again. WCPW responded by bringing in Johnny Mundo, El Patron’s fierce rival from his Lucha Underground days. It will be fascinating to see what happens when these two great athletes square off against each other for the first time in UK rings.

Show October 07, 2016-414

Speaking of fierce rivals, the battle between Rampage and James R. Kennedy’s Primate should be just that. Since coming under the tutelage of Kennedy, Primate has looked more focused and dangerous than ever before. Rampage has been their target – perhaps due to him ending the career of BX head and friend of Kennedy Adam Blampied – with the malevolent manager declaring he would Rampage through “seven trials”. What he means is, Primate and Rampage will square off in a Best of 7 series, with each match fought under a different stipulation. At Delete WCPW it is a Lumberjack Match, and Kennedy has managed to wrangle it so that he picks the ‘jacks. Rampage has overcome tough odds before, can he do it again at Delete?

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-28

Finally, Moustache Mountain get the opportunity to exact revenge over the Swords of Essex – who defeated them in their debut at Loaded #15 – in the first ever WCPW inter-gender tag match. Moustache will team with WCPW Women’s Champion Nixon Newell, while the Swords are with the newest member of Pacitti Club – and Will Ospreay’s girlfriend – Bea Priestley. The latter has unfinished business with Newell, who she feels is walking around with “her” title, while Mountain are desperately in need of a win after a few losses on the bounce. Victory over the impressive Swords would put them right back into the tag title picture.


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Show September 15, 2016-562

Loaded #11 Preview

Former WWE Diva and TNA Knockouts Champion Katarina Leigh makes her debut on WCPW Loaded tonight:

UK wrestling tag team sensation Moustache Mountain are in action for the first time:

Joseph Conners defends the WCPW Championship against Drew Galloway

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WCPW Refuse To Lose: How To Watch

WCPW’s first ever iPPV Refuse To Lose is now only little over a week away, and the excitement is at fever pitch. The live event is long since sold out, but fans around the world can still tune into the action on pay-per-view. Here’s how:

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The card for Refuse To Lose is absolutely stacked, featuring the following marquee bouts.

Kurt Angle vs. Joe Hendry

The American Hero, Kurt Angle, battles WCPW favourite the Local Hero, Joe Hendry, in the epic main event of Refuse To Lose. Hendry won the Kurt Angle Invitational on Loaded to earn the match with his childhood hero, now he needs to battle him in one-on-one combat in what is easily the biggest match of his career.

Joseph Conners vs. Martin Kirby

The WCPW Championship will be defended when champion Joseph Conners takes on the insanely popular Martin Kirby. WCPW’s resident “dick’ed” has been haranguing Adam Pacitti for months about a title shot, and on Loaded #10 the put-upon GM was left with no choice but to grant him one. Kirby took it upon himself to ruin the show, throwing the format out of the window by hijacking TV time with a spot of Kirby-oke, then handcuffing himself to the bottom rope and refusing to leave. To save the show, Pacitti was forced to grant Kirby the match. Now he has that opportunity, ‘Kirb Krawlers’ everywhere will be fully behind his quest.

Travis Banks vs. Alberto El Patron vs. El Ligero

The WCPW Internet Championship was created by Eric Bischoff back at Stacked, with the original match pitting El Ligero against Jay Lethal for the newly-formed belt. When Lethal was forced to pull out due to Japanese commitments, GM Adam Pacitti acted quickly to replace him, bringing in recent ex-WWE star Alberto El Patrón in his place. Following a victory over El Ligero on the same show, Travis Banks confronted Adam Pacitti and demanded to be added to the match. Pacitti, feeling threatened and at the end of his tether after a rough night, relented. Who will be crowned the historic first ever WCPW Internet Champion at Refuse To Lose?

Doug Williams vs. Cody Rhodes

Cody Rhodes has made no secret of the fact that he wants to travel the world ticketing off opponents from his self-styled bucket list, and in doing so providing to the world that he is one of the finest wrestlers on the planet. Doug Williams does not approve. The man christened by fans as ‘Mr. Brexit’ abhors imported talent coming into the UK and “stealing spots from British wrestlers”, so he has vowed to cut Cody’s tour short by defeating him at Refuse To Lose and sending him packing back to the United States.

Rampage vs. Blampied

Oh, Adam Blampied, what mess have you got yourself into this time? The man referred to by Adam Pacitti as “sewer rat” has had quite the influence over WCPW happenings from the get-go, which included bringing Rampage into the promotion. When Blampied saw what he perceived as weakness in Rampage (he refused to do a banned piledriver on his opponents), he cut ties with him and joined forces with Big Damo. Blampied and Damo wreaked havoc in WCPW, attacking officials, referees, security personnel and other wrestlers, including a vicious assault on Rampage that left him with broken ribs. Pacitti had seen enough. After the ‘Beast From Belfast’ lost out to Alberto El Patrón at Loaded #10 and was fired from the promotion, the GM announced that Rampage would finally be allowed to exact his revenge on Blampied in a Street Fight at Refuse To Lose. If Blampied fails to win, he is also fired from the promotion. It should be quite the spectacle! How will Blampied weasel his way out of this one?

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki

Refuse To Lose will witness only the second ever UK date for Japanese hard-man Minoru Suzuki, who battles WCPW’s resident tough guy Joe Coffey in what promises to be an enthralling, hard-hitting contest. Suzuki and Coffey and both brutal competitors who tear into opponents with relentless, sustained attacks. Both men love to fight and enjoy inflicting pain on their opponents.

This match could be an instant classic. Don’t miss it!


Breaking News: Three Huge Matches Signed For Refuse To Lose

The road to Refuse To Lose became a little more clear following a monumental Loaded #10, with three huge matches made for WCPW’s historic first-ever iPPV event.

The show opened with footage filmed earlier in the week of BX attacking Rampage in a locker room, leaving him out cold. Adam Blampied sat and delivered a super-villain-esque monologue to his former charge, before cracking him in the ribs with a battery-filled sock. He left the scene of the assault with the words, “I think that concludes our business. Goodbye, Rampage”. Due to the injuries he sustained in this heinous attack, Rampage was unable to perform on Loaded.

Show September 15, 2016-113
Coffey smashes Prince Ameen with a missile dropkick

Earlier in the week WCPW announced that Joe Coffey would take on Japanese sensation Minoru Suzuki at Refuse To Lose, in what promises to be an incredible, hard-hitting match. Coffey bounced back from a few recent defeats by smashing through Prince Ameen, finally settling a score that dates right back to Loaded #1 and giving him some momentum going into the clash with Suzuki.

Show September 15, 2016-180
Kirby turns the tables on Dunne

Following his victory over Pete Dunne in a tremendous match, Martin Kirby called out Adam Pacitti and demanded that his recent winning streak be rewarded with a shot at WCPW Champion Joseph Conners at Refuse To Lose. When Pacitti did not answer, Kirby took it upon himself to ruin the rest of the episode until he got his way by performing a never-ending session of Kirby-oke.

Show September 15, 2016-200
Kirby refuses to leave the ring following his match

Pacitti did eventually come down to put a stop to Kirby’s shenanigans, refusing to kowtow to his demands and bringing security to the ring to haul him away. It didn’t work. Kirby handcuffed himself to the bottom rope, declared himself part of the ring, and informed the flustered GM that he was going nowhere. After a frantic conversation with guest ring announcer Simon Miller, Pacitti declared that the show must go on.

Show September 15, 2016-203
Kirby handcuffs himself to the ropes and becomes “part of the ring”

It just so happened that the next match pitted El Ligero against Travis Banks, two of Kirby’s least favourite people. As expected he trolled the match, tripping both men, providing insulting live commentary, and even stopping off at one stage to do a spot of ironing. He was involved in the conclusion of the bout too, spitting water into the face of El Ligero and causing him to fall into Banks’ Spinning Torture Rack for the defeat.

Show September 15, 2016-256
Kirby’s water spit resulted in Ligero’s defeat

Pacitti had seen enough. Worried that Kirby would ruin his impending big announcement, he conceded defeat and granted Kirby a title shot at Refuse To Lose against Joseph Conners. The crowd, full of “Kirb Krawlers” went wild for the news. #SticksOutForKirby

Show September 15, 2016-281
Alberto El Patrón was fired up as he delivered his message

Pacitti then revealed the unfortunate news that Jay Lethal had been forced to pull out of Refuse To Lose due to commitments in Japan, leaving El Ligero without an opponent in the match to crown the first ever WCPW Internet Champion. However, he has signed a replacement: Alberto El Patrón. The recently released ex-WWE star was greeted with a booming reception from the Newcastle crowd, and he was just as thrilled to be there as they were to see him.

Show September 15, 2016-328
El Patrón delivers a double foot stomp to Damo

El Patrón delivered a passionate promo, only to be interrupted by the unwelcome sight of Adam Blampied and Big Damo, who called out El Patrón and demanded a match with him, with the winner facing Ligero at the iPPV for the new title. Pacitti agreed, then added the blockbuster revelation that if Damo lost he was fired from WCPW.

Show September 15, 2016-331
El Patrón drills the interfering Blampied with an enzuigiri

After a hard-hitting match in which Blampied was repeatedly involved, El Patrón scored the submission win thanks to a cross arm-breaker, sending the inaugural WCPW Champion packing from the company, and setting up a match at Refuse To Lose with El Ligero.

Show September 15, 2016-348
Blampied faints at the news of his impending showdown with Rampage

Pacitti was not done yet. Seemingly snapping after what had been a rough night, he told Blampied that he was fired too… unless he could win one match, a street fight at Refuse To Lose… against Rampage! Upon hearing the news, the “sewer rat” fainted.

Show September 15, 2016-347
Damo pleads with referee Steve Lynskey that he did not tap out

The card so far:

American Hero vs Local Hero
Kurt Angle vs. Joe Hendry

WCPW Championship
Joseph Conners (c) vs. Martin Kirby

WCPW Internet Championship
El Ligero vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Travis Banks

Street Fight
Adam Blampied vs. Rampage

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki
Cody Rhodes vs. Doug Williams


Scores Settled On Loaded #9

Episode #9 of WCPW Loaded was a chaotic, action-packed 90 minutes.

Following on from last week’s epic Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble came another fascinating multi-man clash. This time it was a one-fall contest pitting five men with scores to settle against each other: Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne, Travis Banks, and, last but not least, Martin Kirby. Eric Bischoff made the match after Kirby demanded a title shot and irritated the guest GM with his lack of respect, leading him to stack the odds against WCPW’s resident d*ckh**d.

25 -193
The most unique game of Twister you are ever likely to see

The bout was contested at an electric pace and never once slowed down, as all five competitors tried to make their mark and score what they knew would be a huge victory over four of the finest athletes on the planet.

25 -220
Will Ospreay takes to the skies

They all got creative, especially the increasingly-popular Kirby, who amazed the audience with his inventive and admittedly quite brilliant “human centipede” Boston crab.

25 -194
Kirby’s memorable “Human Centipede Boston Crab”

It was Kirby who again defied the odds to emerge victorious, continuing his unlikely winning streak and once again proving elusive for Ospreay, who was left looking shocked at the result (in a promo later on in the show, Ospreay warned that he was coming back, and when he did, he wanted his rematch). Kirby pinned Dunne to win the contest after finally hitting the Sable Bomb for the first time ever, to a roof-blowing response from the WCPW faithful. Surely General Manager Adam Pacitti cannot ignore Kirby’s claims to a title shot for much longer.

25 -278
Galloway drills Moose with a bruising forearm smash

Another man surely close to a title shot is Drew Galloway. He followed on from his victory at Stacked over ‘Mr. Brexit’ Doug Williams with a solid showing against Moose, in a match that the latter has called his “greatest to date”. Galloway ended a hard-hitting encounter with his devastating Future Shock DDT for the victory, making him 2-0 in WCPW single’s matches. Joseph Conners beware…

25 -174
Alex Windsor makes Little Miss Roxxy submit

WCPW’s women’s division gained two new stars on this week’s episode of Loaded with the debuts of Alex Windsor, who teamed with Bea Priestley, and Little Miss Roxxy, who tagged with WCPW Women’s Champion Nixon Newell. Windsor demonstrated a vicious streak throughout her performance, causing commentator Alex Shane – previously a staunch Bea Priestley supporter – to reconsider who his favourite WCPW female performer was.

25 -179
Windsor drills Newell with her own title belt after the match

Windsor took advantage of Roxxy’s relative lack of experience to win the match via submission, then sent a message to champion Newell following the bout by smashing her in the face with the Women’s title belt. This one is not over.

25 -310
Damo and Rampage took their fight to the outside of the ring

Loaded #9 was headlined by a rematch from Built To Destroy pitting long-time rivals Big Damo and Rampage against each other in a no holds barred contest designed to settle the score once and for all. GM Adam Pacitti was so fed up with the pair ruining cards by interfering in each others’ business that he made the piledriver legal for one night only so they could essentially “fight to the death”.

25 -324
Damo is stunned when Rampage kicks out of his piledriver, the same move he beat him with at Built To Destroy

Prior to the match, Rampage outwitted his opponents by taking out James R. Kennedy’s Los Perspectiva in the dressing room, leaving BX without allies going into the main event. Damo and Rampage brawled all around ringside exchanging hard strikes and delivering high-impact blows, and Damo appeared to have come out on top when he scored with a piledriver – the same move he almost broke Rampage’s neck with two months earlier. However, Rampage had clearly been working on his neck bridges and strengthening exercises, because he was able to survive the impact and kick out at two.

25 -327
Rampage hits a piledriver of his own to finally score victory over Damo

Rampage recovered enough to drill Damo with a superplex, which he followed with an emphatic piledriver of his own for the popular victory. Following the match, in footage that was banned from the broadcast due to it’s unsettling nature, Damo took out his frustrations on WCPW ring announcer Ryan Devlin. No doubt, there will be further consequences heading the way of Damo and his motor-mouthed manager Adam Blampied next week.

25 -336
In this exclusive image, Damo drills announcer Ryan Devlin with a clothesline after the match

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 38

Joseph Conners Attacks Joe Hendry At Gig

Recently WCPW was invited to Macmillan Fest, a charity heavy metal festival at Nottingham’s famous Rock City, designed to raise money for cancer charity Macmillan. Included in the line-up were genre favourites such as InMe and Sikth.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 28
Adam Pacitti and Jack the Jobber representing WCPW at Macmillan Fest

Also in attendance were WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti and resident five-year-old Jack the Jobber, who were meeting fans and enjoying the show, while ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry was tasked with introducing bands on the main stage.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 7
Joe Hendry introduces the next act

At around 5pm, Hendry introduced Shattered Skies, the artists behind the legendary entrance theme of Martin Kirby, not to mention Travis Banks, Nixon Newell, and WCPW Champion Joseph Conners.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 12
This photo of Conners arriving at the site of the festival emerged later

However, just as the performance was about to start, Conners showed up completely unannounced and smashed his former tag partner from behind. Conners was relentless, battering Hendry repeatedly before getting in his face and yelling:

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 43
Conners chokes out Hendry

“Wherever you are, wherever you go, Joe, I will never let you upstage me again. You have made a fool out of me for the last time. Joseph Conners is no fool, Joe Hendry. Joseph Conners is your What Culture Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, now play my music!”

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 44
Conners celebrates with the WCPW Championship

With that Conners looked out to the crowd, maniacal look in his eye, as Shattered Skies played his ‘Nothing To Lose (15 Minutes)’ entrance theme, all while a shocked crowd looked on. Meanwhile, Hendry was helped to the back, looking stunned about what had transpired.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 50
Shattered Skies perform ‘Nothing To Lose’

See how the full thing unfolded here:

Kurt Angle WCPW

Kurt Angle Invitational Scorecard

Who lasted the longest? Who eliminated the most opponents? Who had the shortest stint? What method of elimination occurred the most? It’s all here…

Rumble Scorecard

25 -96
The winner: Joe Hendry

Order of elimination:

  1. Travis Banks
  2. Martin Kirby
  3. Gabriel Kidd
  4. Prince Ameen
  5. Drew Galloway
  6. Marty Scurll
  7. Pete Dunne
  8. Moose
  9. Rampage
  10. El Ligero
  11. Liam Slater
  12. Joe Coffey
  13. Primate
  14. Doug Williams
  15. EC3
25 -53
Travis Banks was the first man eliminated

Entrants ordered by time spent in match:

  1. El Ligero (31:06)
  2. Joe Coffey (22:12)
  3. Doug Williams (18:14)
  4. Joe Hendry (17:37)
  5. Marty Scurll (10:57)
  6. EC3 (9:47)
  7. Martin Kirby (8:23)
  8. Pete Dunne (8:13)
  9. Drew Galloway (6:14)
  10. Travis Banks (6:03)
  11. Rampage (3:56)
  12. Primate (3:06)
  13. Liam Slater (3:06)
  14. Prince Ameen (1:39)
  15. Gabriel Kidd (1:18)
  16. Moose (N/A)
25 -109
The ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey lived up to his name, lasting for over 20-minutes

Multiple eliminations: Joe Hendry 3, Primate 2

25 -141
Joe Hendry eliminated Primate via a Freak of Nature over the top rope

Method of elimination: Over the top 8, Pinfall 4, Forfeit 2, Stoppage 1

25 -82
Marty Scurll dumps Drew Galloway over the top rope

Iron Man: El Ligero (31:06)

25 -47
El Ligero lasted for over thirty minutes

“Santino”: Gabriel Kidd (1:18)

25 -72
Gabriel Kidd had the shortest spell in the match


Martin Kirby and Rampage were both eliminated by competitors either no longer in or not entered into the match. As no precedent had been set, the referees made the call that these eliminations were legal

25 -118
Rampage and Damo battle among the fans

Moose never made it to the ring so was not officially entered in the match. According to WCPW officials, the competitor has to get into the ring before he is counted as “active”. His failure to make the ring before the next entrant came out meant he forfeited his place in the bout.

Moose was jumped during his entrance and never made it to the ring

Gabriel Kidd was forced to forfeit his spot in the match by Prince Ameen, who owns him. Ameen replaced Kidd, and WCPW officials accepted the switch as valid due to the terms of Ameen’s ownership contract with Kidd which state that Ameen owns or is entitled to any opportunities in WCPW that Kidd receives, should he want them.

25 -74
Gabriel Kidd was forced to forfeit his spot to his master Prince Ameen

Big Damo was not a valid entrant in the match, even though he prevented Moose from enterting the ring, and eliminated Rampage

25 -112
Damo gatecrashes the match with Los Perspectiva

While not originally stated as a method of elimination, officials allowed Primate’s defeat of Liam Slater via stoppage, considering it a form of submission

25 -134
Primate spears Slater prior to knocking him out with his vicious elbow strikes

American Hero vs. Local Hero at Refuse To Lose

Joe Hendry has sensationally bounced back from the hurt of Joseph Conners’ betrayal at WCPW Stacked by winning the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble on this week’s episode of Loaded.

Hendry, who entered the fray at #10, outlasted fourteen other men to win the match and set up the showdown with Angle on October 6th at WCPW’s first ever iPPV Refuse To Lose.

25 -97

The fifteen-man melee was jam-packed full of world class talent, including BOLA 2016 winner Marty Scurll, highly decorated British veteran Doug Williams, former WWE Intercontinental Champion Drew Galloway, and former two-time TNA Heavyweight Champion EC3.

Hendry may not have the accolades to back up his talent at this stage of his career, but he undoubtedly has the heart of a champion. Joe fought like a true warrior, eliminating Primate, Williams, and finally EC3 to win the invitational, making his lifelong dream of a match against the great Kurt Angle a reality.

25 -121

The emotion running through Hendry’s veins was clear to see when the final bell rang. He almost broke down, dropping to his knees in celebration – much like Angle himself has done so many times in the past – and allowing the moment to wash over him.

It was no surprise; since his supposed friend and tag partner Joseph Conners brutally turned on him only one week earlier, Hendry had been walking around a broken man. He looked dejected, carrying the weight of the world on his shoulders. Many questioned whether he would even be able to pick himself up and dust himself off in time for the invitational, but he proved all of his doubters wrong and then some.

25 -140

We were able to grab a few words with Hendry immediately following the match: “When people ask me who’s the greatest in ring competitor, there is only one answer: Kurt Angle. This is a match that I never thought would happen. I am going to get the opportunity to test myself against, in my opinion, the greatest wrestler to ever step foot in a squared circle. This is the single greatest honor and the single greatest opportunity of my life. But make no mistake. It is my time. And I must beat the Olympic hero. I must defeat Kurt Angle.”

25 -150

Hendry, an accomplished amateur wrestler in his own right – he is hoping to represent Scotland at the next Commonwealth Games – will be in for the fight of his life against Kurt. It will be by far the biggest match of his career so far, and will be taking place on a massive stage. The already sold out Refuse To Lose is generating a huge buzz, thanks to the incredible array of stars confirmed for the event. For Hendry to be in the headline attraction is a remarkable achievement for him. One can only imagine how his ex-partner feels about Hendry upstaging and overshadowing him yet again!

25 -153

Following Refuse To Lose, Hendry could well go from Local Hero to Worldwide Hero, especially if he is able to get his hand raised. One thing is guaranteed: WCPW’s loyal fans will be behind Hendry all the way on his quest for greatness at Refuse To Lose.

25 -154

Watch the Kurt Angle Invitational here:

Pasted image at 2016_09_09 21_23

Alberto El Patron Signs

It has been sensationally revealed that Alberto El Patron, the former Alberto Del Rio, is coming to WCPW in less than one week!

El Patron will be making his WCPW debut at the Loaded tapings on September 15 at the O2 Academy Newcastle. Tickets for that event are available at a special one-time-only price of £5, and they are selling fast. Be sure to grab yours quickly before they are sold out from

General Manager Adam Pacitti broke the news this evening with the following announcement: 

It had been no secret in recent weeks that Del Rio was unhappy with his status in WWE and that he was considering his options. It was reported recently that the former WWE Champion had a break clause in the contract he signed with the company less than a year ago, with speculation rampant about what his next move would be should he opt to activate it.

For WCPW to get him is undoubtedly a huge coup, and adds to an already impressive list of stars who have signed on with the promotion recently, including the likes of Aaron Stevens (Damien Sandow), Kurt Angle, Minoru Suzuki, Bret Hart, Jim Ross, Drew Galloway, and Cody Rhodes.

What El Patron will be doing at Loaded next week is anyone’s guess. Will someone unheralded on the roster try and make a name for themselves by taking him on? Will he aim straight for the top and call out WCPW Champion Joseph Conners? What will he have to say to the Newcastle audience if he is given a live mic and allowed to express himself? It will be fascinating to find out.

WCPW has a number of live events scheduled over the next month, starting with next week’s Loaded tapings featuring El Patron, plus Drew Galloway, who returns following an impressive debut in August.

WCPW’s sold out iPPV Refuse To Lose follows on October 6, but tickets are still available for the following night’s Loaded tapings on October 7. The group also makes its first foray outside of Newcastle on October 8th at the Silver Blades Arena in Greater Manchester. Tickets are available for these events at

Make sure you don’t miss WCPW Loaded live streaming on YouTube this Saturday night at 8pm BST at