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Breaking News: Three Huge Matches Signed For Refuse To Lose


The road to Refuse To Lose became a little more clear following a monumental Loaded #10, with three huge matches made for WCPW’s historic first-ever iPPV event.

The show opened with footage filmed earlier in the week of BX attacking Rampage in a locker room, leaving him out cold. Adam Blampied sat and delivered a super-villain-esque monologue to his former charge, before cracking him in the ribs with a battery-filled sock. He left the scene of the assault with the words, “I think that concludes our business. Goodbye, Rampage”. Due to the injuries he sustained in this heinous attack, Rampage was unable to perform on Loaded.

Show September 15, 2016-113
Coffey smashes Prince Ameen with a missile dropkick

Earlier in the week WCPW announced that Joe Coffey would take on Japanese sensation Minoru Suzuki at Refuse To Lose, in what promises to be an incredible, hard-hitting match. Coffey bounced back from a few recent defeats by smashing through Prince Ameen, finally settling a score that dates right back to Loaded #1 and giving him some momentum going into the clash with Suzuki.

Show September 15, 2016-180
Kirby turns the tables on Dunne

Following his victory over Pete Dunne in a tremendous match, Martin Kirby called out Adam Pacitti and demanded that his recent winning streak be rewarded with a shot at WCPW Champion Joseph Conners at Refuse To Lose. When Pacitti did not answer, Kirby took it upon himself to ruin the rest of the episode until he got his way by performing a never-ending session of Kirby-oke.

Show September 15, 2016-200
Kirby refuses to leave the ring following his match

Pacitti did eventually come down to put a stop to Kirby’s shenanigans, refusing to kowtow to his demands and bringing security to the ring to haul him away. It didn’t work. Kirby handcuffed himself to the bottom rope, declared himself part of the ring, and informed the flustered GM that he was going nowhere. After a frantic conversation with guest ring announcer Simon Miller, Pacitti declared that the show must go on.

Show September 15, 2016-203
Kirby handcuffs himself to the ropes and becomes “part of the ring”

It just so happened that the next match pitted El Ligero against Travis Banks, two of Kirby’s least favourite people. As expected he trolled the match, tripping both men, providing insulting live commentary, and even stopping off at one stage to do a spot of ironing. He was involved in the conclusion of the bout too, spitting water into the face of El Ligero and causing him to fall into Banks’ Spinning Torture Rack for the defeat.

Show September 15, 2016-256
Kirby’s water spit resulted in Ligero’s defeat

Pacitti had seen enough. Worried that Kirby would ruin his impending big announcement, he conceded defeat and granted Kirby a title shot at Refuse To Lose against Joseph Conners. The crowd, full of “Kirb Krawlers” went wild for the news. #SticksOutForKirby

Show September 15, 2016-281
Alberto El Patrón was fired up as he delivered his message

Pacitti then revealed the unfortunate news that Jay Lethal had been forced to pull out of Refuse To Lose due to commitments in Japan, leaving El Ligero without an opponent in the match to crown the first ever WCPW Internet Champion. However, he has signed a replacement: Alberto El Patrón. The recently released ex-WWE star was greeted with a booming reception from the Newcastle crowd, and he was just as thrilled to be there as they were to see him.

Show September 15, 2016-328
El Patrón delivers a double foot stomp to Damo

El Patrón delivered a passionate promo, only to be interrupted by the unwelcome sight of Adam Blampied and Big Damo, who called out El Patrón and demanded a match with him, with the winner facing Ligero at the iPPV for the new title. Pacitti agreed, then added the blockbuster revelation that if Damo lost he was fired from WCPW.

Show September 15, 2016-331
El Patrón drills the interfering Blampied with an enzuigiri

After a hard-hitting match in which Blampied was repeatedly involved, El Patrón scored the submission win thanks to a cross arm-breaker, sending the inaugural WCPW Champion packing from the company, and setting up a match at Refuse To Lose with El Ligero.

Show September 15, 2016-348
Blampied faints at the news of his impending showdown with Rampage

Pacitti was not done yet. Seemingly snapping after what had been a rough night, he told Blampied that he was fired too… unless he could win one match, a street fight at Refuse To Lose… against Rampage! Upon hearing the news, the “sewer rat” fainted.

Show September 15, 2016-347
Damo pleads with referee Steve Lynskey that he did not tap out

The card so far:

American Hero vs Local Hero
Kurt Angle vs. Joe Hendry

WCPW Championship
Joseph Conners (c) vs. Martin Kirby

WCPW Internet Championship
El Ligero vs. Alberto El Patron vs. Travis Banks

Street Fight
Adam Blampied vs. Rampage

Joe Coffey vs. Minoru Suzuki
Cody Rhodes vs. Doug Williams