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Upcoming WCPW Events – Everything You Need To Know

The buzz continues to grow for WCPW, and the events just keep getting bigger:

This upcoming Monday, check out WCPW: Loaded on Youtube for another action packed show, featuring some of the best wrestlers in the business. This week’s episode will feature Grado vs. “Mr. Bad Attitude” Martin Kirby in what could be the craziest match of the promotion so far.

El Ligero vs. Joseph Connors will open the show. While we’ve seen Connors teaming up with Joe Hendry as of late, he wants to prove something on his own. Can he handle one of WCPW’s best in Ligero? We’ll find out on Monday.

Watch Loaded as it airs on Youtube Monday night at 10pm UK time, and 5pm ET in the United States.


He’s back, and he’s better than ever! Former WCW President and Raw General Manager, Eric Bischoff, will be coming to the UK at the O2 Academy at Newcastle Upon Tyne on August 24th for his first ever Q and A tour. What does the author of Controversy Creates Cash have on his mind? You can only imagine. You don’t want to miss this event. Get your tickets now at WC.PW.

If you can’t make it to Newcastle, the Q and A tour with Bischoff will be at Manchester on August 26th, and London on August 27th. Get your tickets at WC.PW.

Also on August 24th, Bischoff will bring his unique, and yes, controversial style of managing a wrestling show to WCPW for WCPW: Stacked. For one night only, he will be the guest General Manager. What surprises will Bischoff have for the WCPW roster? Whatever it is, it’s sure to be good. Be there live to find out.

That is far from all, as a huge night of action is set on August 24th with TNA star Moose taking on Joe Coffey in a battle of the monsters. Also on the card is TNA Heavyweight Champion EC III facing off against El Ligero and witness a classic in the making when Will Ospreay takes on Marty Scurll.

The two have battled across the world in a series of thrilling matches, and will finally settle the score at WCPW. The show will also feature a big tag bout with Liam Slater and Johnny Moss taking on Martin Kirby and Travis Banks.

To make things even bigger, the WCPW Title will be on the line, and Bea Priestley takes on Nixon Newell to become the very first WCPW Women’s Champion. Be there in person for this historic night. Get your tickets at WC.PW.

The following night on August 25th, WCPW returns to the O2 Arena for two weeks of takings for Loaded. A huge main event is scheduled to go down with 15 men from the WCPW roster putting it all on the line in the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble. The winner will receive a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to go one-on-one with The Olympic Gold Medalist at WCPW’s first ever iPPV on October 6th: Refuse to Lose.


That’s right, on October 6th, WCPW puts on their biggest show ever with Refuse to Lose, which will be an absolutely star-studded card, featuring:

Kurt Angle vs. the winner of the Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble.

Cody Rhodes making his WCPW debut to take on the British legend Doug Williams.

Jay Lethal putting his ROH Title on the line as he battles El Ligero in a rematch of one of the best matches of the year.

For WCPW’s biggest night ever, an all-star announce team was needed to call the action. That’s why WhatCulture’s own Alex Shane, “The Louisville Slugger” Jim Cornette and WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross will be at the announce booth for this historic night. It does not get any bigger than that.

Our October 7th Loaded taping will feature Cody Rhodes taking on one of WCPW’s best. And on October 8th in Manchester, witness an incredible main event with Kurt Angle vs. Cody Rhodes. This has been one of Cody’s dream matches, and WCPW is making it a reality.

October 7th will also be the first ever WCPW fan convention. Get autographs with Rhodes and Angle, Jim Cornette and meet the stars of WhatCulture.

The excitement and momentum of WCPW continues to grow. Be there live to check out the incredible action, and be a part of the hottest new promotion on the planet!

Get your tickets for all these big events at WC.PW.



What Does A Jobber Actually Do In WCPW?

Just what exactly does a Jobber do in WCPW? When there isn’t fan fiction to be read out, fan questions to be answered or John Cena uniforms to be worn, what on earth does WCPW’s Jack the Jobber actually get up to?

After being on the receiving end of a mighty to smack to the face by Big Damo at the end of Built to Destroy, JTJ felt it was probably best to stay outside of the ring from here on in.

We sent a cameraman to follow Jack around during the last set of WCPW Loaded tapings in order to document his various duties.


James R. Kennedy Talks The Future Of Prospect

While WCPW has been getting a lot of attention thanks to a stacked roster of big names and a number of must-see matches, there are many who are trying to establish themselves and stand out amongst the sea of talent.

Young tag-team Prospect – Lucas Archer & Alex Gracie – have been trying to do so under the watchful eye of their manager, James R. Kennedy. The duo look to have formed an alliance with another hungry competitor in Drake and are quickly gathering momentum.

I caught up with ever-talkative Kennedy to discuss Prospect, their newest addition Drake and their issues with Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners.

Q: James, who are Prospect and what do you make of their success in WCPW thus far?

A: Prospect is named out of spite, spite towards how WCPW have effectively brushed off these fine young athletes. Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer were not afforded the same attention that men like Joe Hendry were coming in, and thus were branded ‘prospects’ by management.

Their loss is my gain, because I see something in these men. Similarly, I could see the same ruthless desire to succeed in Drake. That’s why, even though we may come up short from time to time, I will always show patience.

This is a long-term project, because I firmly believe Gracie, Archer and Drake are big money players.

Q: You mention Drake, who is a recent addition to the group. What do you see in Drake and were you impressed by his continued efforts to make a name for himself, such as when he attacked ROH World Champion Jay Lethal?

A: Management is more than simply seeing the best in people, it’s the art of motivation and pulling those skills from a wrestler. Drake was another who was thrown to the wolves by management in WCPW, almost like he was there to make up the numbers. Well, here are some numbers for you, 10/10. That’s what Drake’s assault on the ROH World Champion meant to me.


Jay Lethal is one of the finest wrestlers on this planet, and Drake floored him with one move. He stalked him like a praying mantis from the top rope, before bursting his lungs in one fell swoop. It was impressive, Drake is by far one of the most dangerous individuals I’ve ever met. He doesn’t mix well with others, but that’s alright since he’s one of us now.

Q: Is Drake a member of Prospect now?

Anyone who can single-handedly make that kind of impact deserves an opportunity. If those calling the shots in WCPW won’t embrace his talent, James R. Kennedy most certainly will. Prospect is all about hitting back at management, not necessarily out of unwarranted rebellion, but because they fired the first shot. They want to bring Jay Lethal over here to make themselves look good? Be my guest, just don’t be surprised when a caged talent like Drake lashes out.

It was management who deemed guys like Archer, Gracie and Drake mere ‘prospects’ to begin with. How can they expect harmony with that kind of judgement? Drake has been welcomed into Prospect, because it’s the best place for him right now. I’m going to watch that man fly, literally and figuratively, then WCPW will realise the error of their ways.

Q: He may have gotten the better of Lethal, but one man who has been a thorn in your group’s side is the aforementioned Joe Hendry. How do you plan to respond to the Local Hero embarrassing your clients?

As for ’embarrassing’ my clients? Prospect isn’t embarrassed by losing to Joe Hendry, we’re simply appalled at the level of favouritism that is rife in this company already. Hendry is talented, he has all the talent in the world, but he’s not the only wrestler out there. Men like Archer, Gracie and Drake detest guys like the ‘Local Hero’, because they understand that he is the apple of everyone’s eye.

alex gracie joe hendry

We may have lost the battle, but the war is just beginning. Cliches are cliches because they’re true. Joe Hendry, it will never be over until you share that spotlight.

Q: It would appear as though Prospect are headed for a showdown with Hendry and Conners…

[INTERRUPTING] Joe Hendry and Joseph Conners can’t get along, that’s the major difference. Tag-team wrestling is a lost art in many respects, but that’s what makes Alex Gracie and Lucas Archer so good, they’re a genuine unit. They like one another, they respect one another, they work hard to improve their craft, and they’re not bogged down with petty nonsense like trying to outshine one another.

As a team, when they’ve been wrestling together, Gracie and Archer haven’t been beaten. By contrast, Hendry and Conners can’t even agree on which music to come out to, or what kind of ring attire they should be wearing. It’s pathetic, and makes them easy pickings for a well-oiled machine.

prospect green

Again, we may lose from time to time, but Prospect will never quit. Defeats along there way don’t greatly concern me, it’s winning in the end. That is exactly what we plan on doing, something made easier by the fact that Joseph Conners – if he was being honest with you – can’t stand Joe Hendry. That’s not a team, it’s a liability.

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

7 Biggest Questions After WCPW Loaded Episode 5

WCPW Loaded season two kicked off with a bang last night with a packed show, headlined by Aron Stevens defeating a valiant Doug Williams to become the #1 Contender for the WCPW World Championship. Will Ospreay overcame Noam Dar and El Ligero to open up the show in a thrilling triple threat match, a bout that may well end up on many MOTY lists when 2016 says its goodbyes.

WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti announced the arrival of the Women’s Division with Nixon Newell defeating Bea Preistley in a fast-paced, competitive match-up.

It was a tough night for James R. Kennedy and Prospect as the faction went 0 for 2 on the evening, Alex Gracie coming up short against Joe Hendry before Drake and Lucas Archer felt the none-more-intense wrath of Johnny Moss and his new protege, Liam Slater.

But it was Big Damo and the devious Adam Blampied that stood tall at the end of the evening, blindsiding the new #1 Contender with a low blow and some typically overconfident words. The scene is set for another season of WCPW Loaded, but what questions do we most want answered after last night’s episode?


7. What Does GM Adam Pacitti Have In Store For Big Damo & Blampied?

damo blampied

After turning down the advances of a mysterious performer by the name of ‘Roman’, WCPW GM Adam Pacitti confirmed that despite his use of the banned Piledriver at Built to Destroy, Big Damo will not be stripped of the WCPW Title. A controversial decision for sure, but not one that the GM has made lightly, with the expectations of the fans and the weight of history on his shoulders, his justification was he didn’t want the first holder of the belt to be stripped in that manner. Pacitti went on to warn Damo that he will wish he had been fired when Rampage gets back, but when will that be?

The GM also made sure to single out Adam Blampied, saying that he ‘will not go unpunished either’. What could Pacitti mean? Does he have something special in store for the brains behind Built to Destroy’s shocking conclusion?


6. Can Anything Top The Show-Opening Triple Threat?

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW
The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

Season two of WCPW Loaded kicked off with a bang (to say the least), as three of the hottest wrestlers on the planet went at it in a special showcase triple threat. It was England vs. Mexico vs. Scotland/Israel (Scosrael? Isrotland) as Will Ospreay, El Ligero and Noam Dar went one-on-one-on-one. The crowd was hot from the start, and when the match finally got underway the sheer speed on display was absolutely exhilarating.

The match went back and forth and back again, with Ospreay taking the brunt of the battering to begin with. At one point Dar had both his opponents in a Champagne Super Knee Bar, a moment that simply must be seen to be believed. The Newcastle crowd lapped it up, chanting ‘This Is Wrestling’ only for commentator Alex Shane to retort that ‘this isn’t wrestling, this is unlike anything wrestling’s ever seen’. 

Ospreay managed to pick up the win following an Oscutter on Dar, and all stepped back to take stock of what they had just seen. The rest of the WCPW roster will have a tough task on their hands trying to top that.


5. How Far Can Joe Hendry And Joseph Connors Go?

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW
The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

WCPW Loaded Episode 5 didn’t start too well for ‘The Local Hero’ Joe Hendry and Joseph Connors, as the teething problems their fledgling tag team was suffering from seemed to reach the point of no return, as Connors told Hendry that his limit has been reached. This left Hendry alone to not only face Alex Gracie in singles competition, but to deal with the rest of Prospect who were inevitably at ringside.

‘The Local Hero’ managed to pull out the win against all the odds, but victory was the last thing from Hendry’s mind as Prospect stormed the ring and put the boots to the man from Edinburgh. It didn’t look good for Hendry, but to the surprise of everyone Connors sprinted down to ringside to save his partner’s bacon.

This was just the wake-up call Joe Hendry needed, and after the match he finally conceded the spotlight to Connors. Now that these two competitors are on the same page, the sky truly is the limit.


4. What Is Going On With Grado And Martin Kirby?

In what can only be described as the strangest point of this week’s show, Grado and Martin Kirby had a tense stand-off backstage. The two entertaining competitors eyed each other up before removing their shirts for some reason, although ‘The Chubby Wee’ needed a little bit of assistance in getting his off.

The insults flew between the two unconventional stars, but Grado pointing out Kirby’s lack of coverage when it came to hair seemed to be the final straw. The Scotsman was quick to apologise, but as the two went their separate ways neither felt safe enough to take their eyes off the other?

Was this just a one-off meeting or can we expect more from Grado and Kirby?


3. Who Will Be The First WCPW Women’s Champion?

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW
The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

WCPW’s women division was birthed last night with a singles bout between Bea Priestly and Nixon Newell, and the two put on one heck of a show. Newell held the edge to begin with, but an attempted PK too far saw the arrogant Priestley take control.

The gum-chewing redhead from London took Newell to her own version of Suplex City, but her arrogance led to her downfall after she tried to shove her gum into the mouth of the Welshwoman. This only fired up Newell, who managed to pick up the win with a brutal Canadian Destroyer.

With the arrival of the WCPW Women’s Championship confirmed for August’s WCPW Stacked (tickets available here), the division is surely to see many new faces over the coming weeks.

Will Newell or Priestley be in the mix when the title finally finds a home? I wouldn’t bet against it.


2. How Much Can Gabriel Kidd Put Up With?


At WCPW Built To Destroy Gabriel Kidd lost to Prince Ameen, but this was no ordinary match. By coming up short Kidd was contractually bound to fulfil the role of Ameen’s servant, and anyone thinking the Richest Man in Wrestling would go easy on the young man from Nottingham obviously hasn’t met Prince Ameen.

After seemingly leaving Newcastle’s fine Premier Inn, the Prince was looking for the 02 Academy in town. Kidd wisely suggested a taxi, and to everyone’s surprise the Prince agreed. That is where the synchronicity ended however, as the mode of transport Ameen had in mind was none other than Kidd himself.

Kidd’s strong ethics will surely see him stay true to the stipulation, but even the most noble of men has a line that they aren’t willing to cross. How far will Prince Ameen have to push Gabriel Kidd before it is reached?


1. Can Aron Stevens Stop Big Damo?

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW
The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

WCPW Loaded Episode 5 was headlined by a #1 Contender’s match between British wrestling legend Doug Williams and the man formerly known as Damien Sandow, Aron Stevens.

After Williams made his feelings clear regarding foreign wrestlers coming over to the British Isles, Stevens made his arrival to rapturous applause. A hero’s welcome doesn’t guarantee success however, and could the former Intellectual Saviour of the Masses defeat the International Ambassador of British Wrestling?

Williams controlled the majority of the bout with a mixture of old school smarts and old school cheating, making the most of his closed fists and 23 years of experience. Those years of competing may have been the root of Williams’ downfall however, as his leg gave way when on the top rope leading to the veteran landing directly on top of his own head.

Miraculously Williams managed to keep fighting, but Stevens was able to reverse a sunset flip into a pinning predicament that Williams could not escape from. But before Stevens could celebrate the familiar voice of Adam Blampied echoed around the room, distracting the new #1 Contender long enough for WCPW World Champion Big Damo to deliver the lowest of blows.

With the title match booked for two weeks time, is there any way Aron Stevens can stop Big Damo? With Blampied causing mayhem at ringside the Beast of Belfast becomes an almost insurmountable obstacle. But if anyone can do it, ‘The Saviour’ can.

When Grado Met Martin Kirby


The first episode of WCPW Loaded season 2 saw Will Ospreay debut in style in a dazzling a triple-threat match that is already being talked about as a Match of the Year contender. It should not be forgotten, however, that another star also made his WCPW debut last night.

Scottish cult sensation Grado was seen having a very, erm, interesting backstage confrontation with WCPW’s resident d*ckhead Martin Kirby. Glances were exchanged, words were had and t-shirts removed before the two went their separate ways, somehow without coming to blows.


Fully-aware of this frankly odd incident, your WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti has booked Kirby versus Grado for episode 2 of Loaded.

Tune in on Monday, August 15th to see ‘The Cubby Wee’s’ first WCPW match!

Bring popcorn.

The Ringside Perspective/WCPW

Was Dar Vs. Ospreay Vs. Ligero Match Of The Year Contender?

WCPW Loaded Season 2 kicked off last night in spectacular fashion as three of the most exciting professional wrestlers in the world squared off in a frenetic opening contest. New Japan Pro Wrestling Best of the Super Juniors 2016 winner Will Ospreay took on ‘The Mexican Sesnation’ El Ligero and WWE Cruiserweight Classic competitor Noam Dar in a breathless bout that many are calling a Match of the Year candidate.

Ligero and Dar both had fantastic showings against Ring of Honor World Champion Jay Lethal in season one and continued to prove why they are two of the best in the business, welcoming the debuting ‘Aerial Assassin’ with a baptism of fire. Full of stiff strikes, mind-blowing counters and, yes, revolutionary high-flying antics, this three-way had the crowd at the 02 Academy in Newcastle losing their collective minds.

Those that have seen the match online agree that it is something truly special and, if you haven’t done so already, you need to check it out via WCPW’s YouTube channel. Hell, even if you have already seen it, there’s no reason not to watch it another five or six times, since you may very well have blinked and missed something the first time around.

damo blampied

10 Best Moments From WCPW Season 1

The dust has barely settled on the first season of WCPW Loaded but the second one is upon us, launching tonight on WCPW’s YouTube channel at 10pm BST.

With huge matches confirmed for the show as well as the birth of the WCPW Women’s Division, Loaded Season 2 is aiming to pickup the momentum from where Season 1 left off.

To ready yourself for tonight’s show, What Culture Pro Wrestling has put together a video showcasing the 10 best moments from its debut season, from Gabriel Kidd bowing to the arrogant Prince Ameen all the way through to Big Damo shockingly aligning with Adam Blampied to secure the WCPW World Championship via Joe Coffey introducing Primate to a table.

WCPW Loaded Season 1 ended with a bang at Built to Destroy, the fallout from which will surely be addressed on tonight’s opening show of the second season.

What will make the highlight reel for season two? We can’t wait to see, but whet your appetite with the best of season one in the meantime.