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Delete WCPW Preview

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Nottingham… you knew we’d come…

On November 30th WCPW returns to pay-per-view with an absolutely stacked line-up for Delete WCPW in Nottingham.

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-133

The stakes could not be higher for the main event, a triple threat cage match pitting WCPW Champion Joseph Conners against his two most fierce rivals. On one side of the ring is Joe Hendry, Conners’ former tag partner whom he brutally betrayed at Stacked to win the title, and cheated to defeat at True Legacy. On the other is the imposing 6’5 frame of Drew Galloway, the man whose career was almost ended by a Conners Righteous Kill a few months back. Galloway returned to WCPW this past week on Loaded and delivered the most emotionally-charged interview of the year, passionately vowing the exact revenge on Conners for what he did to him. For the despised champion, this is surely his most difficult test yet. While he has overcome great odds before against Martin Kirby, Cody Rhodes, and both of his opponents at Delete, this time there is nowhere for him to run or hide; Conners will be locked inside a steel cage with the two men who hate him the most.

Kirby vs Ospreay

When Martin Kirby defeated Will Ospreay back in July, the world stood up and took notice. For the first time, WCPW fans saw that Kirby was not just a comedic buffoon but also an incredible wrestler. He had just beaten a man fresh off win the Best of the Super Juniors. The win catapulted Kirby up the card and into a WCPW Championship match at Refuse to Lose. However, just as Kirby seemed set to win the match and the title by hitting his famous Zoidberg Elbow, GM Adam Pacitti intervened and cost him the bout. The fans turned on Pacitti – they assuredly did not “love it”. Kirby bounced back with a win over WWE-bound Big Damo at True Legacy before giving Ospreay the rematch he had long desired at Loaded #15 in London. In a shocking turn of events, Ospreay accepted help from his childhood friends the Swords of Essex, turning his back on the fans to side with Adam Pacitti as the newest member of the GM’s despicable Pacitti Club. Pacitti granted Ospreay a third bite at the Kirby cherry at Delete WCPW, making the match a 2/3 falls contest so that Ospreay can – according to Pacitti – beat Kirby twice.

Hardy vs Bully

The name Delete WCPW comes from the presence on the card of the legendary Broken Matt Hardy, a man who has been trailblazing in the industry for the past two decades. One of the men he made his name with was Bully Ray – the former Bubba Ray Dudley – with whom he contested a series of epic TLC matches in 2000 and 2001. Much has happened in their respective careers since, but neither man has forgotten the punishment and pain that they put each other through. When Matt Hardy threatened to DELETE WCPW, Adam Pacitti took that to mean delete him, and accused Hardy of cyber bullying. In response he brought in a bully of his own, and it seemed only fitting that it was the vicious Bully Ray who was tasked with defending Pacitti’s “honour” and deleting Matt Hardy. Watch this old rivalry renewed exclusively in WCPW on pay-per-view this Wednesday night.

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-49

Bret Hart’s creation of the WCPW Tag Team Titles at Refuse to Lose was a memorable moment… one since ruined by egomaniac Pacitti declaring the tournament for the belts the AP-triple-T (the Adam Pacitti Tag Title Tournament). Despite the name, the action in the eight-man tournament has been thrilling. The standouts have been the two finalists, tag division stalwarts Johnny Moss & Liam Slater, and the recently debuted pairing of the Coffey Brothers. Following their respective semi-final wins over Prospect and the Strong Style Collective on Loaded #16, the two teams went nose to nose for the first time and received a rapturous response from the London audience. The match should be a classic. Both teams are evenly matched, well-oiled, and desperate to write their names in the history books as the first ever champions.

Rhodes vs Ligero

Speaking of first ever champions, the inaugural Internet Champion El Ligero faces his stiffest test yet against the returning Cody Rhodes, a man who lit up WCPW rings back in October. Ligero has been impressive in recent weeks following his win over Travis Banks and Alberto El Patron at Refuse to Lose to win the belt, scoring victories over Pete Dunne and Marty Scurll in recent title defences. The last time WCPW fans saw Rhodes he fell to defeat against Kurt Angle at True Legacy. Victory over Ligero to capture the Internet Title would be an incredible way to bounce back from that.

Show October 08, 2016-399

Elsewhere on the card, Alberto El Patron returns to WCPW to battle an old foe. Having been unsuccessful at Refuse to Lose and True Legacy, El Patron asked management to find him a world class opponent so he could prove himself again. WCPW responded by bringing in Johnny Mundo, El Patron’s fierce rival from his Lucha Underground days. It will be fascinating to see what happens when these two great athletes square off against each other for the first time in UK rings.

Show October 07, 2016-414

Speaking of fierce rivals, the battle between Rampage and James R. Kennedy’s Primate should be just that. Since coming under the tutelage of Kennedy, Primate has looked more focused and dangerous than ever before. Rampage has been their target – perhaps due to him ending the career of BX head and friend of Kennedy Adam Blampied – with the malevolent manager declaring he would Rampage through “seven trials”. What he means is, Primate and Rampage will square off in a Best of 7 series, with each match fought under a different stipulation. At Delete WCPW it is a Lumberjack Match, and Kennedy has managed to wrangle it so that he picks the ‘jacks. Rampage has overcome tough odds before, can he do it again at Delete?

09 WCPW November November 09, 2016-28

Finally, Moustache Mountain get the opportunity to exact revenge over the Swords of Essex – who defeated them in their debut at Loaded #15 – in the first ever WCPW inter-gender tag match. Moustache will team with WCPW Women’s Champion Nixon Newell, while the Swords are with the newest member of Pacitti Club – and Will Ospreay’s girlfriend – Bea Priestley. The latter has unfinished business with Newell, who she feels is walking around with “her” title, while Mountain are desperately in need of a win after a few losses on the bounce. Victory over the impressive Swords would put them right back into the tag title picture.


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