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Joseph Conners Attacks Joe Hendry At Gig

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 38

Recently WCPW was invited to Macmillan Fest, a charity heavy metal festival at Nottingham’s famous Rock City, designed to raise money for cancer charity Macmillan. Included in the line-up were genre favourites such as InMe and Sikth.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 28
Adam Pacitti and Jack the Jobber representing WCPW at Macmillan Fest

Also in attendance were WCPW General Manager Adam Pacitti and resident five-year-old Jack the Jobber, who were meeting fans and enjoying the show, while ‘Local Hero’ Joe Hendry was tasked with introducing bands on the main stage.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 7
Joe Hendry introduces the next act

At around 5pm, Hendry introduced Shattered Skies, the artists behind the legendary entrance theme of Martin Kirby, not to mention Travis Banks, Nixon Newell, and WCPW Champion Joseph Conners.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 12
This photo of Conners arriving at the site of the festival emerged later

However, just as the performance was about to start, Conners showed up completely unannounced and smashed his former tag partner from behind. Conners was relentless, battering Hendry repeatedly before getting in his face and yelling:

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 43
Conners chokes out Hendry

“Wherever you are, wherever you go, Joe, I will never let you upstage me again. You have made a fool out of me for the last time. Joseph Conners is no fool, Joe Hendry. Joseph Conners is your What Culture Pro Wrestling Heavyweight Champion, now play my music!”

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 44
Conners celebrates with the WCPW Championship

With that Conners looked out to the crowd, maniacal look in his eye, as Shattered Skies played his ‘Nothing To Lose (15 Minutes)’ entrance theme, all while a shocked crowd looked on. Meanwhile, Hendry was helped to the back, looking stunned about what had transpired.

03 WCPW Macmillanfest 2016 - 50
Shattered Skies perform ‘Nothing To Lose’

See how the full thing unfolded here: