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Kurt Angle Invitational Scorecard

Kurt Angle WCPW

Who lasted the longest? Who eliminated the most opponents? Who had the shortest stint? What method of elimination occurred the most? It’s all here…

Rumble Scorecard

25 -96
The winner: Joe Hendry

Order of elimination:

  1. Travis Banks
  2. Martin Kirby
  3. Gabriel Kidd
  4. Prince Ameen
  5. Drew Galloway
  6. Marty Scurll
  7. Pete Dunne
  8. Moose
  9. Rampage
  10. El Ligero
  11. Liam Slater
  12. Joe Coffey
  13. Primate
  14. Doug Williams
  15. EC3
25 -53
Travis Banks was the first man eliminated

Entrants ordered by time spent in match:

  1. El Ligero (31:06)
  2. Joe Coffey (22:12)
  3. Doug Williams (18:14)
  4. Joe Hendry (17:37)
  5. Marty Scurll (10:57)
  6. EC3 (9:47)
  7. Martin Kirby (8:23)
  8. Pete Dunne (8:13)
  9. Drew Galloway (6:14)
  10. Travis Banks (6:03)
  11. Rampage (3:56)
  12. Primate (3:06)
  13. Liam Slater (3:06)
  14. Prince Ameen (1:39)
  15. Gabriel Kidd (1:18)
  16. Moose (N/A)
25 -109
The ‘Iron Man’ Joe Coffey lived up to his name, lasting for over 20-minutes

Multiple eliminations: Joe Hendry 3, Primate 2

25 -141
Joe Hendry eliminated Primate via a Freak of Nature over the top rope

Method of elimination: Over the top 8, Pinfall 4, Forfeit 2, Stoppage 1

25 -82
Marty Scurll dumps Drew Galloway over the top rope

Iron Man: El Ligero (31:06)

25 -47
El Ligero lasted for over thirty minutes

“Santino”: Gabriel Kidd (1:18)

25 -72
Gabriel Kidd had the shortest spell in the match


Martin Kirby and Rampage were both eliminated by competitors either no longer in or not entered into the match. As no precedent had been set, the referees made the call that these eliminations were legal

25 -118
Rampage and Damo battle among the fans

Moose never made it to the ring so was not officially entered in the match. According to WCPW officials, the competitor has to get into the ring before he is counted as “active”. His failure to make the ring before the next entrant came out meant he forfeited his place in the bout.

Moose was jumped during his entrance and never made it to the ring

Gabriel Kidd was forced to forfeit his spot in the match by Prince Ameen, who owns him. Ameen replaced Kidd, and WCPW officials accepted the switch as valid due to the terms of Ameen’s ownership contract with Kidd which state that Ameen owns or is entitled to any opportunities in WCPW that Kidd receives, should he want them.

25 -74
Gabriel Kidd was forced to forfeit his spot to his master Prince Ameen

Big Damo was not a valid entrant in the match, even though he prevented Moose from enterting the ring, and eliminated Rampage

25 -112
Damo gatecrashes the match with Los Perspectiva

While not originally stated as a method of elimination, officials allowed Primate’s defeat of Liam Slater via stoppage, considering it a form of submission

25 -134
Primate spears Slater prior to knocking him out with his vicious elbow strikes