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Scores Settled On Loaded #9


Episode #9 of WCPW Loaded was a chaotic, action-packed 90 minutes.

Following on from last week’s epic Kurt Angle Invitational Rumble came another fascinating multi-man clash. This time it was a one-fall contest pitting five men with scores to settle against each other: Will Ospreay, Marty Scurll, Pete Dunne, Travis Banks, and, last but not least, Martin Kirby. Eric Bischoff made the match after Kirby demanded a title shot and irritated the guest GM with his lack of respect, leading him to stack the odds against WCPW’s resident d*ckh**d.

25 -193
The most unique game of Twister you are ever likely to see

The bout was contested at an electric pace and never once slowed down, as all five competitors tried to make their mark and score what they knew would be a huge victory over four of the finest athletes on the planet.

25 -220
Will Ospreay takes to the skies

They all got creative, especially the increasingly-popular Kirby, who amazed the audience with his inventive and admittedly quite brilliant “human centipede” Boston crab.

25 -194
Kirby’s memorable “Human Centipede Boston Crab”

It was Kirby who again defied the odds to emerge victorious, continuing his unlikely winning streak and once again proving elusive for Ospreay, who was left looking shocked at the result (in a promo later on in the show, Ospreay warned that he was coming back, and when he did, he wanted his rematch). Kirby pinned Dunne to win the contest after finally hitting the Sable Bomb for the first time ever, to a roof-blowing response from the WCPW faithful. Surely General Manager Adam Pacitti cannot ignore Kirby’s claims to a title shot for much longer.

25 -278
Galloway drills Moose with a bruising forearm smash

Another man surely close to a title shot is Drew Galloway. He followed on from his victory at Stacked over ‘Mr. Brexit’ Doug Williams with a solid showing against Moose, in a match that the latter has called his “greatest to date”. Galloway ended a hard-hitting encounter with his devastating Future Shock DDT for the victory, making him 2-0 in WCPW single’s matches. Joseph Conners beware…

25 -174
Alex Windsor makes Little Miss Roxxy submit

WCPW’s women’s division gained two new stars on this week’s episode of Loaded with the debuts of Alex Windsor, who teamed with Bea Priestley, and Little Miss Roxxy, who tagged with WCPW Women’s Champion Nixon Newell. Windsor demonstrated a vicious streak throughout her performance, causing commentator Alex Shane – previously a staunch Bea Priestley supporter – to reconsider who his favourite WCPW female performer was.

25 -179
Windsor drills Newell with her own title belt after the match

Windsor took advantage of Roxxy’s relative lack of experience to win the match via submission, then sent a message to champion Newell following the bout by smashing her in the face with the Women’s title belt. This one is not over.

25 -310
Damo and Rampage took their fight to the outside of the ring

Loaded #9 was headlined by a rematch from Built To Destroy pitting long-time rivals Big Damo and Rampage against each other in a no holds barred contest designed to settle the score once and for all. GM Adam Pacitti was so fed up with the pair ruining cards by interfering in each others’ business that he made the piledriver legal for one night only so they could essentially “fight to the death”.

25 -324
Damo is stunned when Rampage kicks out of his piledriver, the same move he beat him with at Built To Destroy

Prior to the match, Rampage outwitted his opponents by taking out James R. Kennedy’s Los Perspectiva in the dressing room, leaving BX without allies going into the main event. Damo and Rampage brawled all around ringside exchanging hard strikes and delivering high-impact blows, and Damo appeared to have come out on top when he scored with a piledriver – the same move he almost broke Rampage’s neck with two months earlier. However, Rampage had clearly been working on his neck bridges and strengthening exercises, because he was able to survive the impact and kick out at two.

25 -327
Rampage hits a piledriver of his own to finally score victory over Damo

Rampage recovered enough to drill Damo with a superplex, which he followed with an emphatic piledriver of his own for the popular victory. Following the match, in footage that was banned from the broadcast due to it’s unsettling nature, Damo took out his frustrations on WCPW ring announcer Ryan Devlin. No doubt, there will be further consequences heading the way of Damo and his motor-mouthed manager Adam Blampied next week.

25 -336
In this exclusive image, Damo drills announcer Ryan Devlin with a clothesline after the match